Budget Dunedin Ideas

dunedinDunedin is New Zealand’s southernmost city, with a rich Scottish heritage that is apparent in many of its buildings and place names. It’s very hilly and can be extremely cold in winter, however it’s always worth a visit for the beautiful architecture, nearby coastlines and unique character. There’s plenty to see and do that won’t cost a fortune either, so it’s a great destination if you’re on a budget.

  • Botanic Gardens. The Botanic Gardens are well worth wandering through, with many historic flower beds that are kept in pristine condition. There’s also a collection of aviaries hosting a range of different native and introduced species of birds. If you visit at the right time of year, the Rhododendron Dell provides a spectacular host of brightly coloured flowers to enjoy. There’s also a winter garden designed to come into its own during the colder months, so don’t worry if you’re visiting outside of spring or summer.
  • Otago Museum. The local museum is full of free exhibits that are fantastic for visitors of all ages. A tropical forest room is host to lush plant species as well as a number of butterflies floating around. There are changing exhibitions, as well as lots of information on local Dunedin and Otago history. There’s also exclusive artefacts and information related to Antarctica and its exploration.
  • Wander through Otago University. This historic university is the base of all medical study in New Zealand, and hundreds of students graduate each year to become doctors, nurses, dentists and more. The buildings themselves are made from hewn stone and form fantastic architecture that is used every day, not just looked at. Visitors can wander through and enjoy the picturesque campus.
  • St Claire Beach. The township of Dunedin perches on this beach, and you can wander along with the shoreline to take in the splendid views and possibly even see a seal or two.

Dunedin has lots to offer for those looking to save money on holiday, and due to the high student population there’s also plenty of cheap places to eat and drink.