Bus Travel: An Affordable Way To See New Zealand

bus journeyFor those who want to see New Zealand’s beautiful scenery first hand but don’t have a driver’s license in the country, bus travel is a fantastic option. There are bus routes and companies that cover the entire country, so no matter where you want to go you’ll find a service that can get you there safely and on time. Even if you do have a license, it can be a good call to simply take buses, as New Zealand drives on the opposite side of the road to many countries and the roads can be a lot more winding than visitors are used to. Buses are by no means as uncomfortable or inconvenient as people make them out to be, and can save you a lot of money.

Top Reasons To Take A Bus

  • They’re safe. Buses are large vehicles, so anything that collides with them is going to come off second-best. They’re operated by experienced drivers who have done the routes many times, so they know the safe speeds to take corners at. Tourist drivers cause accidents and fatalities every year, so if you aren’t 100% confident with your driving, take a bus.
  • They’re cheap. Buses can be half or even a third as much as flying between destinations. Companies often also have special deals with seats going for as little as $10. They also don’t tend to get booked out as quickly, but you still need to book in advance during peak seasons. This makes them ideal for backpackers and anyone else who needs to travel on a budget.
  • You get a chance to enjoy the scenery. If you’re in a plane you skip right over it, and if you’re the one driving you have to keep an eye on the road. Bus trips are a great way to see the magnificent views that New Zealand has to offer.

Tips For Bus Travel

If you can choose seats, select one further forwards to reduce motion sickness if you experience this.

  • Keep hydrated. Being in any confined vehicle can be surprisingly dehydrating, so keep a bottle of water handy at all times.
  • Stay warm. Even in summer, buses can have air conditioning that makes it uncomfortably cold. Keep a sweater or even a light blanket handy so that you can wrap up if necessary.
  • Plan out your rest breaks. The downside of a bus is that you can’t stop when you want to – so you need to take rest breaks when you can.

Further reading:

Taking the bus is a great option for seeing more of the country, and doing so in a way that lets you relax and stay safe on the roads.