Hiring A Campervan In New Zealand

right campervanHiring a campervan to explore New Zealand is a great way to see the country in comfort, and can give you flexibility and convenience to explore at your own pace. There are rental depots and companies all up and down the country, so wherever you want to begin and end your journey, you’ll be sure to find a vehicle conveniently located for you. With discounts for longer hire periods, it’s a good idea to pick one vehicle and try to stay with it for the entirety of your trip, so it’s important to ensure you make the right choice from the outset. To help, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • How much do I want to spend? This is definitely the chief concern with hiring a campervan – they are not necessarily cheap, and your extra money is going towards comfort and convenience. There are several different models available for different price points however, so you do get some choice. The cheapest are essentially vans with sleeping facilities, as well as a few other living comforts including charger points for laptops and phones. The most expensive are fully self contained luxury homes, and some people on holiday may find it worth to spend the extra on this.
  • What kind of campsites will you be staying in? Holiday parks and managed camping grounds often have full facilities on offer including toilets and showers, and even though campervans may have these it can still be more pleasant to use them externally. However free or cheap camping sites provided by the Department of Conservation can have much more rustic facilities, so you may want to ensure you have a vehicle that means you don’t have to use them.
  • Do you need any extras? Satellite navigation, extra storage and charging equipment can all be added costs, though they may be necessary.
  • When are you planning to travel? There are different rates available at different times of year, and in general summer is the most expensive as locals enjoy their time off and international visitors escape their own winters. Winter is when you’ll get the cheaper deals, however driving conditions can be tougher, so be prepared for snow in certain areas. There are also often special deals returning vans to their original depot, so these are worth looking out for as well.
  • Do you have enough to cover unexpected costs? Bonds, insurance and road user charges for diesel vehicles can all present a nasty and unexpected surprise if you fail to take them into account when calculating your costs, it could present a problem.

Campervans are a great way to see the country while keeping your creature comforts close, and choosing the exact right vehicle is essential to make sure you have a pleasant journey.